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Tapas Bowl 15CM Camel
Product Code: 312

Great terra cotta bowl for olives, tapas,  nuts and crisps

Excl. VAT £6.63
Tapas Bowl 15CM Taupe
Product Code: 311

An everyday terra cotta bowl for olives and tapas, could also be really handy for crisps and nuts.

Excl. VAT £6.63
Terra Cotta '12' Egg Rack
Product Code: 287

If you want to keep your eggs at room temperature this stylish egg rack is just the ticket, holds up to 12 eggs and looks great.

Excl. VAT £9.40
Low stock
Terra Cotta Pizza Baker WM
Product Code: 286

By tradition pizzas are cooked in brick ovens and with this pizza baker it is now possible to achieve professional results in your own home.

Excl. VAT £16.62
Low stock
Terra Cotta Chicken Egg Basket
Product Code: 283

This Terra Cotta chicken is a great product for keeping eggs to hand and safely stored.

For cooks who want eggs at room temperature. 

Hold approximately 10 eggs

Excl. VAT £19.80
Low stock
Terra Cotta Potato Baker WM
Product Code: 285

Terracotta clay is a porous material which, when soaked in water and then heated in the oven, provides a slow evaporation of steam from the pores, creating a steamy & enclosed environment. This age-old method of cooking is excellent in retaining the full flavour, taste and wholesome goodness of the contents.

Excl. VAT £31.96
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Terra Cotta Chicken Brick WM
Product Code: 284

Terra Cotta is a tried and tested method of cooking, the clay is porous and when soaked slowly releases steam keeping the meat moist and succulent.

Take a look our Chicken Brick instruction page here.

Dimensions: L 29cm x w 21.5cm x H 19.5cm
Excl. VAT £37.18
Low stock
Terra Cotta Garlic Baker WM
Product Code: 281

Roasting the garlic enhances its sweet, nutty flavours and makes it soft and spreadable, ideal for serving with roast meats, mashing with vegetables, or for spreading on hot crusty rolls or toast. A real treat!

Excl. VAT £10.45
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Terra cotta Pestle & Mortar WM
Product Code: 282

The essential tool for serious cooks. The natural texture of this terracotta mortar makes it the perfect surface for grinding herbs, spices, seeds and salts & is complimented by a quality turned hardwood pestle.

Excl. VAT £6.88
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Terra Cotta Garlic Cellar WM
Product Code: 280

Shaped like a garlic bulb, this terracotta garlic cellar will keep your garlic cool & fresh, preserving those gorgeous garlic flavours, and restricting light to reduce the likelihood of sprouting.

Excl. VAT £9.29
Low stock