Truly Hand Crafted Products.

All of our products are crafted by hand. There are between Tweleve and Seventeen

Stages to make one of our jars and at every stage the pot is handled ensuring 

the best quality. Even though our factory here in Suffolk has changed over the last two centuries, our techniques

have been passed on from Generation to Generation. Now in our Seventh Generation of unbroken succession

the Watson Pottery story continues. Scroll down to discover our range of products.

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henry watson grey dove tea coffee sugar

Tea, Coffee, Sugar Canisters & Canister Sets.

Store your Tea, Coffee and Sugar in one of our storage canisters. All have an excellent airtight seal to ensure contents stay dry, fresh and delicious for longer.

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Utensil Holders

Keep all of your important cooking utensils within easy arms reach

whilst you cook in one of our stylish utensil holders.

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Henry Watson Garlic Keeper cellar terracotta

Garlic Keepers

Our Garlic Keepers are desinged to get the best flavour from your garlic. Garlic is best kept at room temperature, if put in the fridge the cold temperatures can change the acidity of the garlic, changing the flavour making it taste bitter. Ceramic is the best material because it's thick and creates a dark environment, it means the temperature inside the jar doesn't change much even if ambient temperature changes. Our Jars also feature aeration holes in the rear allowing the garlic to breath.

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Some of our longstanding Collections have been in production since the late 1980's, a true testiment to the design.

All of the ranges have been designed by the Queensberry Hunt Partnership and are manufactured with quality and longevity in mind.  

Henry Watson's Potteries Ltd.

Registered in England 378071

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