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Still on the original site where the company was founded in 1800, just three quarters of a mile away from the seam of clay that was discovered, our rich history and heritage can be seen from the outbuildings made from bricks and tiles manufactured on site to the handcrafting skills passed through the generations. Many of the hand-crafted techniques have been preserved, perfected and are still used in our factory today.


Written records of pottery manufacturing on site date back to 1646 and the actual deeds of Henry Watson’s pottery date back to 1734. But these aren’t the earliest records of ceramic production in the area. For the start we have to jump back 2000 years to AD 43 and the Roman occupation of Britain. In the early - mid 1900’s an archaeologist by the name of Basil Brown (known for discovering and excavating the Sutton Hoo) discovered several roman settlements and kiln sites less than half a mile from the current pottery.


roman pot wattisifeld

(In 1933 whilst digging for clay at the local pit Mr Frederick Watson dug up an actual 2nd century AD Roman pot. It was in one piece until it unfortunately was hit by the spade whilst digging).


Today the Company is run by the 7th Generation with the 5th and 6th generation still taking a keen interest in the company. The company ethos is unchanged since it’s founding in 1800 and we continue to uphold the values and high standards of our ancestors; customer service, quality and sustainability above all else.   



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